Which Country is The Most Creative?

There are lots and lots of variables affecting a country’s creativity. The word ‘creative country’ itself, has a biased meaning, if i would say. It takes the people, history, culture, and even the climate. But despite those various factors, there is the ‘micro’ and ‘macro’ factors. The physical conditions, which i define as the ‘macro’ conditions, is out of our hands. Which have been so since the people exists. There’s nothing we can do to make things change. The only thing that matters, is how we respond. For instance: Singapore has a very tiny area, no natural resources, but can be very wealthy in the hand of the right man. Indonesia, whose area is so big, plenty of natural resources, but most of Indonesians live in poverty. The macro conditions cannot be an excuse of a country’s wealth. But, does a ‘creative country’ have to be wealthy? Maybe, in certain unstable conditions, people will tend to be more creative. This is called ‘The Power of Kepepet’ (by Johan Setiabudi).

So I would say, a ‘creative country’ is the country in which the conditions motivates the people to be more creative. This is my definition. Indonesia is a very good example. Some people can find opportunities in which they can achieve a very good result. But apparently, not so many people can do that since most of indonesian live in poverty. Singapore is wealthy, it can create professionals spread in the whole world while it has no natural resource at all. But in the reality, singaporeans live in a stressful competitions. Event the students (in the Movie ‘I Not Stupid’).

Hong Kong. Its conditions is very similar to Singapore. Located in a strategic trading crossline (so is Indonesia), also one of the trade center of the world. The difference is, there is a lot of famous people from HK. Maybe you know some of them: Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fat, Stephen Chow, Bruce Lee, etc. These are some of well-known creative people to ever created by HK. This country was once the garments center of the world, but it is now more suitable for service industry. There are also lots of names of billionaires from HK. Maybe you don’t know Dr. Dickson Poon, but you may know Harvey Nichols, the upmarket department store (They opened the first store in Southeast Asia in Grand Indonesia, Jakarta). Despite the british brand, it is actually owned by HK businessman. You may also know Li Ka Shing, Michael Ying (Esprit), John Woo, etc.

HK culture is oftenly called ‘Where the east meets west’. It is where western-style skyscrappers can stand tall and the traditional chinese culture still strong. This is the kind of non-invasive development. This kind of creativity which builds something out of nothing, while maintaining original identity. Although not much of a natural landscapes there, they managed to build attractive tourism sites, like The Peak. HK is also a good example of a good collaboration in diversity.

For these reasons, I choose HK as the most creative country.



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