SCAMPER – An Innovation Wizard

SCAMPER is a method or a ‘wizard’ of reaching innovation.

This method stands for Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify/Magnify, Purpose, Eliminate, Reverse/Re-arrange.

Now to make it easier to understand, let’s jump to an example.

This Land Rover had been around since the world war. It was widely use by international army from time to time. Just about couple of years ago, this model ‘Defender’ was discontinued. The Defender has been known for the reliability and exceptional off-road performance.

This also brought the image of the brand Land Rover as the mighty off-roader vehicle. The latest model of Land Rover is now arrive with a more sophisticated technology, styling, and efficiency. It’s The new Land Rover LRX.

SUBSTITUTE: Land Rover can change their semi-offroad features such as tires, engine, to a real one. Having the image of off-road vehicle meaning they have to give the real thing for the customer. Not just off-road look. Seeing the new model, i doubt that it has the same off-road ability as good as the old one.

COMBINE: Land Rover was not a famous engine manufacturer. In the latest model they buy the engines from Volkswagen. It is a good way of solving problem. Combining internal disadvantages with other’s advantages.

ADAPT: One of the reason the Defender was discontinued was because it is not eco-friendly. Land Rover should adapt with current issue of environment. This is the new challange for Land Rover.

MODIFY: Modify the interior. We have to admit that the new model adopt more of the ‘Luxury’ than off-road orientation. But if customers use it for off-road, which is a dirty work, the interior should also provide the ease. It should be easily cleaned, reliable, and tough.

PURPOSE: Do not let the luxury world shifts the purpose of off-road. More and more people adapt the off-road look without doing the real thing. But manufacturers should still provide the real thing. All of the features and performance should still facilitate the real off-roader. Not just the poser.

ELIMINATE: Reduce carbon emission! Going off-road meaning loving the nature, not ruining it.



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